Turn off the FIFA Career Suarez punishment

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Final decision condemned FIFA Luis Suarez ban deadly race will be evaluated as a professional footballer. Brazilian striker Fred Thursday (06/26/2014) may be issued for a long barrier against Luis Suarez for biting an opponent while Uruguay against Italy could ruin their lives to say.

"You can not say that you have made ​​a mistake, but as a player and a man who sometimes feels offended for some reason, I think (the ban) is too cruel," Fred said in a press conference Teresopolis.
"Most people I have spoken to feel about it, it was right, but it's a shame, it could damage their livelihoods," he said. "I think he should be punished, but I really want to see him still in the World Cup in Brazil to play," he added.

FIFA announced on Thursday morning, the punishment for Suarez. It was forbidden to play all activities related to the ball for four full months. He was also banned from participating in the next nine games to defend their country. Suareaz must also face a fine of 100 000 Swiss francs, or about R1, 36 billion. The 27-year-old striker was found guilty of biting the defender Giorgio Chiellini Italian found when the two fight for the ball during the game the victory of Uruguay 1-0 Tuesday (6/24/2014) ago.

Luis Suarez was forced to the hotel in which decisions by the exhibition team sanctions Uruguay FIFA.

FIFA placed the order a few hours after the publication of punishment for Suarez will leave.

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